Posters are the best medium to communicate with large audiences.

We ourselves have been using posters because they are very impactful. We hope that through the poster making competition, the participants can share their ideas and thoughts on cyber security and awareness. The theme for the competition is “Online Safety”. You may choose any theme related to the same, such as trolling, security tips, online fraud or even bullying. Please make sure that the only text your posters have is the caption. Please refrain from writing any slogans. Each participant can submit one poster.

You can register for the competition using the register link. Extra points for originality. Please refrain from copying ideas or graphics. We want to see your original and authentic work.

  • Idea
  • Message
  • Creativity
  • Originality
Winners will receive cash prizes and/or gadgets. All participants will be awarded certificates. Results will be declared in September