Sticker Making Competition
Let those stickers speak for you! In these times when emojis have taken over textual meets and greets, stickers on the popular chat messaging application WhatsApp have leapt to popularity. Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas or New Year- there are tons of stickers being added, shared and celebrated each day. While some might just seem causal, some have known to be truly inspirational, celebratory of the diversity and rich culture of India. Why should online safety and resilience not be celebrated then?
This sticker making competition in collaboration with WhatsApp is a chance for the artist in you to ideate and design stickers for WhatsApp that are in sync with the Cyber Kumbh and its objective- to celebrate online safety and resilience. So hop on the creativity saddle and add some meaningful stickers to express yourself and your community- the youth.
  • A participant can send in a maximum of 2 entries only.
  • Stickers are cool because they are minimal- try to express as much as possible in as little as you can.
  • stickers may be hand drawn or created digitally.
  • each sticker must fit in square dimensions (eg- 3” x 3”)
  • Stickers may include words, expressions, characters, situations etc.
  • Register yourself for the competition using the “Register” link on, you can upload your entries using the same link.
  • Entries received after last date shall not be entertained.
  • The decision of the jury shall be final and binding.
  • Originality: Make sure you do not copy and paste thing try keeping it original and unique. Copied submission will result into disqualification.
  • Impact: Judges will be looking for entries that cover the measurable benefits to students and community. This could be the learning benefits for the students, projected impact on results, strengthening community ties and beyond.
  • Innovation: The competition wants to uncover new ideas for how to improve Nation’s current position in Cyber Security, so be creative as you are contributing for the Nation
Winners will receive cash prizes and/or gadgets. All participants will be awarded certificates. Results will be declared in September