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We are thrilled to announce the WINNERS of the eRaksha Competition 2022.

Heartiest congratulations to talented artists, innovators and thinkers,
who have dazzled us with their creativity,
originality and imagination!

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Journey of eRaksha

The eRaksha Competition has been running successfully since 2019 and has received an overwhelming participation of above one lakh participants from all states of India. The competition encourages young minds to reflect about their responsibilities as young leaders, advocating for safer and responsible use of the internet.

Schools, Colleges, Students, Educators and Parents are encouraged to participate and share their vision, unique experiences and suggestions that can encourage the young users to have more meaningful and enabling experiences in the cyber space.

2022 Coming Soon...

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3rd May 2023

Launch of the contest

3rd May 2023

Registration Opens


Last Date of Registration


Announcement of Results


Award Ceremony

About CyberPeace

CyberPeace is the world’s first NGO that works towards creating a “Peaceful, Responsible, and Inclusive Cyber Space”.

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