eRaksha Competition


The submissions for eRaksha Competition 2022-23 are closed now.
A big thank you to everyone for the enthusiastic participation!

The results will be declared in April 2023.

 CyberPeace Foundation and NCERT are proud to present the fourth edition of the eRaksha Competition – an annual event that brings together young talent to showcase their knowledge and creativity in the domain of cyber safety.

Inviting all innovative thinkers…students from schools and colleges, school teachers, faculty members, parents and guardians and schools and colleges to share their original ideas on the topic:

‘Promoting  Safe, Responsible and Peaceful Cyber Space’ 

through self-created posters, paintings, podcasts, videos, websites, blogs, essays or software applications !

Create and upload Your Entries in Digital Format  As Specified

Entries will be accepted in Digital Format on the eRaksha website in English & Hindi Language only.

There is No Registration /Participation fee for the competiton


Our Journey

The eRaksha Competition has been running successfully since 2019 and has received an overwhelming participation of above one lakh participants from all states of India. The competition encourages young minds to reflect about their responsibilities as young leaders, advocating for safer and responsible use of the internet.

Schools, Colleges, Students, Educators and Parents are encouraged to participate and share their vision, unique experiences and suggestions that can encourage the young users to have more meaningful and enabling experiences in the cyber space.


Video 2021

Video 2020

Video 2019

Who Can Participate?

The competitions are open for the following categories:

Category 1

(Classes 3 –  5)

(Classes 6 – 8)

(Classes 9 –  12)


Category 2


(School Teachers)

(Faculty from Colleges)


Category 3

Educational Institutions:



Category 4

Parents & Guardians

Category 5

CyberPeace Honours





28th Oct 2022

Launch of the Contest

28th Oct 2022



28th Feb 2023

Last Date of Registration

15th April 2023

Announcement of Results



Among the very few organizations in the world working for ‘Peace’, the CyberPeace Foundation stands to be the first NGO in the world to work for ‘CyberPeace’.

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