About eRaksha Competition 2021

eRaksha Competition 2021

The goal of eRaksha competition is to enable young people across age groups to become responsible digital citizens, following the required safety norms and procedures.

The competition also encourages the young minds to reflect about their responsibilities as young leaders, advocating for safer and responsible use of internet amongst their friends and families.

Educators and Parents are encouraged to participate and share their vision, unique experiences and suggestions that can encourage the young users to have more meaningful and enabling experiences in the cyber space.

In the last two editions of eRaksha 2019 and eRaksha 2020, we were amazed and inspired by such creative, innovative and beneficial  submissions by participants across all states of India. We look forward to many more valuable and artistic entries across various categories.

Note: The competition is open for students from schools and colleges (irrespective of their abilities, disabilities, socio-economic background, regional identity, cultural identity), educators  and parents/caregivers across all states of India.

Registration for the competition is free. Entries can be submitted in Hindi or English language only.

The grand Jury will select the top winners in each category and their creatives will be displayed on NCERT and CyberPeace Foundation Portals.

Making Cyber Space Safe, Secure and Enabling for Young Minds to Thrive and Succeed

Developing an understanding of using the internet safely, critically and responsibly

Making conscious, smart and informed choices
Creating awareness about digital rights and responsibilities

Becoming model netizens by following digital ethics & netiquette

Through the competitions, we wish to encourage participation
across multiple levels in the education ecosystem – students from school and colleges, educators from various domains and caregivers to share innovative solutions to problems faced in cyber space in the form of an artwork, a written piece, a video or even an invention.

So what are you waiting for?
All you have to do is register and upload your entry.
There is no registration fee for the competition.

Among the very few organizations in the world working for ‘Peace’, the CyberPeace Foundation stands to be the first NGO in the world to work for ‘CyberPeace’.

Incase of any Query, Contact Below:

Email Address: [email protected]