Fostering Safe and Responsible Cyber Culture


Bring out the innovator in you and show us what safe and responsible cyberculture means to you. Your creation can be an implementation of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things among others.  

Participants can create:

  • Software (Mobile apps/Web app /Source Coding)
  • Hardware (Innovative Device/Module Development )
  • Firmware (Software Controlled Devices, Appliances, etc.)

The theme for the competition is “Fostering a Safe and Responsible Cyber Culture”. Your innovation must address a problem faced in cyberspace, such as privacy issues, online fraud, cyberbullying, phishing, vishing, malware, etc.

Note for Participants:

  • Software refers to any script, program or application that can be run on a device. For e.g., gaming apps, browsers, OS, A/V players, etc.
  • Hardware refers to machinery or equipment that can be connected to a computer system. For e.g., processors, I/O devices, etc.
  • Firmware refers to software that has been embedded into hardware. For e.g., software-controlled devices, appliances, controls, etc.


About CyberPeace

CyberPeace is the world’s first NGO that works towards creating a “Peaceful, Responsible, and Inclusive Cyber Space”.

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