Fostering Safe and Responsible Cyber Culture


Bring out the innovator in you and show us what safe and responsible cyberculture means to you. Your creation can be an implementation of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things among others. 

Participants can create:

  • Software (Software refers to any script, program or application that can be run on a device. For example gaming apps, browsers, OS, A/V players, etc)
  • Hardware (Hardware refers to machinery or equipment that can be connected to a computer system. For example processors, I/O devices, etc.)

The theme for the competition is “Fostering Safe and Responsible Cyber Culture”. Your innovation must address a problem faced in cyberspace, such as privacy issues, online fraud, cyberbullying, phishing, vishing, malware, etc.


  • Participants should submit their original ideas. Copied/Plagiarised entries will be rejected.
  • Individual can submit their self created entry
  • Team Entry with participation of maximum 3 individuals will also be accepted in this category only.
  • The Avishkar/Solution should address a real-world issue faced in cyberspace in an innovative and novel way.
  • The idea/solution should be unique, advanced and futuristic.
  • The coding and technologies or any special framework, or libraries that have been used should be mentioned clearly.
  • Participants should submit their original ideas. Copied/Plagiarised/AI-generated entries will be rejected.
  • The submissions are accepted in ppt, pdf format only. The participants should create a ppt or pdf of the Avishkar/Solution they have created.
  • Each individual can only upload 1 file with a maximum file size of up to 5 MB
  • Duplicate entries will be rejected.

About CyberPeace

CyberPeace is an award-winning global civil society organization, think tank of cybersecurity and policy experts with the vision of pioneering CyberPeace Initiatives to build collective resiliency against cyber crimes & global threats of cyber warfare.

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